Get our no cost, no obligation print audit and take control of the printing costs in you office!

Why should I get a print audit?

Print Audit

Let us perform a no cost, no obligation print audit on your office and you will uncover many ways to save time and money!  There is no commitment, and it only takes a few minutes.

Benefits to you include;

  • Fee up your IT staff
  • Understand your cost-per-page
  • Right size your fleet
  • Reduce your costs!

Reduce Your Costs

Do you know your actual printing costs?  Typically the procurement of printers and the toner cartridges used within them (along with other consumable items like paper, drums, etc) are handled by separate departments or individuals – with no central accounting of costs, coordination, or even knowledge of where the printers are!  Further, even in a business that has a centralized purchasing format, toner cartridges are often looked at as a cost burden for the business, and not fully explored for savings potential.

With your print audit, you’ll understand your actual consumption, and what each printer is really costing you.  Most companies find they can reduce their costs buy up to 30% or more after learning and then implementing key areas uncovered by the audit.

Right Size Your Print Fleet

As part of the free print audit, we will provide a summary that outlines whether or not your current fleet of printing equipment is being used in the most efficient manner.  We’ll help you understand where your devices are placed and how much use and abuse they are getting, so that the high volume devices serve the high volume areas.

Inversely, high value users may need their own personal printers to better use their work time.  Our totally free print audit will help you uncover all of this – with no obligations!

Understand Your Cost-Per-Page

There are many ways to pay for your printing.  Whether you are on a fixed-page-price contract, blanket service agreement, of if you buy your toners on Amazon to be as cheap as possible – we will break the costs down to a cost-per-page, to get a true representation on what it costs to operate each device.  This comprehensive figure will take into account the toner cartridges used, as well as service and parts on your machines.

Free Up Your IT Staff

You shouldn’t pay your talented IT staff to deal with toner cartridges, paper jams, and maintenance kits.  We’ll show you the best way to deploy and manage your print fleet, to take the burden off your staff as much as possible!