Printer Monitoring Coon Rapids, MN

Reduce your overall printing costs up to 30%

Printer Monitoring Coon Rapids, MNIf you took some time to add it all up, you’d likely find that your total costs for “printing” are about 10% (or more) of annual expenses.  Our print management programs can help optimize and streamline your business printing environment, and cut these related costs by as much as 30%!

What are “Print Management” programs?

Simply put, print management is when you rely on a vendor to manage, maintain, and provide supplies for the laser printers in your office.  These services are provided ongoing, and typically billed monthly using a fixed cost-per-page rate.

Printer Monitoring Coon Rapids, MNHow it works

We begin with gaining an understanding of your current environment.  We’ll look at all areas of cost savings; the types of print devices in your fleet, device deployment locations, color and monochrome usage analysis, and a host of other impact areas.

What’s next?

After we compile the data, we’ll provide an action plan.  This plan will consist of three main areas;

  • Strategy for optimizing device fleet
  • Strategy for service and tech support
  • Strategy for toner supplies management

If you choose to proceed, we’ll begin as soon as you are ready!  If not, the plan is yours to keep.

Have your IT department focus on IT – not toner and paper jams

Your IT staff is valuable, so make sure they are focused on high value tasks!  Let us manage your printing fleet with our managed print services.  We’ll handle all areas related to printing including device management, tech support, service, repair, and toner cartridges.  You’ll have a single point of contact for everything you need, with expert service technicians and quality toner supplies too.  Let your IT focus on IT stuff, and leave the print management to us – it’s what we do.

Simple print management services for your office

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